At the time of writing this press release we are not able to announce the decision of the Supreme court and if the appeal has been maintained. We received conflicting and unconfirmed information and we were not able to check with the official autorities.

Jabeur Mejri is still in jail. He is detained since March 5, 2012. A young boy tired irritated by the isolation and loneliness. No hope for a normal life! The weight of seven and a half years is so heavy to carry in incomprehension and injustice. His state of health deteriorated, weakened by illness and abuse. Physical integrity is also threatened.

For these reasons, we call for a presidential pardon to be issued as quickly as possible and we ask you all to demonstrate your support for this cause to the Presidency of the Republic. You will find on the Support Committee all information website to act so

The only glimmer of hope your letters of support and the support it receives from time to time in France, Tunisia and everywhere else